Expert Guidance for Choosing and Applying Our Dust Suppressants

Specialized Knowledge

Dustech has specialized knowledge about eco-friendly dust control practices that we use to advise customers on the best products and application methods for their operations.

The Dustech team has extensive working knowledge of large and small plant operations and offers on-site consulting at no charge for qualifying customers.

We offer this important dust control consulting service because many variables can impact dust suppressant performance. The dust control experts at Dustech weigh those variables and select the best product for your company’s unique use case. They also work with your team to ensure that our recommended dust control product is applied correctly for optimal particle coverage.

As part of our on-site consulting service, Dustech learns the inner workings of your plant. This process helps us establish what application meets customer expectations while remaining environmentally friendly.

Sometimes the root cause of uncontrolled dust can be traced back to complex, plant-wide procedural issues. We are equipped to detect and solve these challenges because our experts have decades of combined experience in several fields related to dust control.

Example Variables That Can Impact Dust Suppressant Performance:

  • Viscosity
  • Temperature
  • Storage Conditions
  • Transportation
  • Physical Application Methods
  • Plant Regulations
  • Mechanics

Clear, Effective Product and Application Guidance

We believe that sharing our specialized knowledge is one of the best ways that we can help our customers reach their goals. We offer clear, effective dust control recommendations, so that our customers are set up to succeed. We are also always available to answer questions.

Want to discuss your dust control goals? Feel free to reach out.