Mobile Testing Unit (MTU) Service

We believe that upgrading your dust control solution should be fast, easy, and should not cause plant downtime. That’s why we created our Mobile Testing Unit (MTU).

Dustech’s MTU is a 48-foot plant on wheels that treats customer materials on demand. This mobile dust control testing is used to demonstrate how well our dust suppressants work, in real time.

The MTU comes fully equipped with a liquid heating, metering and application system, a solids loading hopper and metering system, ribbon blender, scalper screen, and articulating conveyor belt for convenient product discharge. Its best-in-class application system ensures that the customer’s products are coated correctly with the right material and the right application rate.

The blender is large with multiple nozzles, for testing various products and substrates at different rates. This feature helps us efficiently determine the right dust suppressant for a customer’s needs based on real-time product performance. Since the MTU is a stand-alone plant with its own on board utilities, all mobile product tests occur without interrupting the customer’s plant processes.

After mobile tests are complete, our dust control experts will meet with your team to make sure you’re getting the most value out of our products. Our experts will discuss the MTU test results, make product recommendations, offer application system guidance, and answer any questions.

Dustech pioneered this unique mobile testing technology and we’re the only the company that offers this type of real-time service. It’s free for qualified customers. Contact us at 1-888-978-3878 for more information.

Dustech Mobile Testing Unit for Dust Control Testing
Dustech's Mobile Testing Unit for Dust Control Testing