Dust Suppression Services

At Dustech,  we take pride in helping customers control dust effectively, efficiently, and in an environmentally sound manner.  Businesses are increasingly committing to eco-friendly practices, and Dustech is committed to helping companies with that transition.

Our Services

Below are our dust suppression services, which complement and enhance our eco-friendly dust suppression products.

Application Testing & Analysis

Get data-backed recommendations about the best Dustech product for your needs and the optimal way to apply it on your product.

On-Site Guidance

We offer on-site visits in order to develop a detailed understanding of your operations, pain points, and business goals. These learnings help us create recommendations tailored to your needs.

Mobile Testing Unit (MTU)

Dustech’s MTU is a 48-foot plant on wheels that treats customer materials on demand in order to show how well our dust suppressants work, in real time. It’s free for qualified customers.

Signature Blends

If one of our existing products does not meet your needs, we can produce signature blends tailored to your specifications. Minimum volumes apply.