Referral Program Rules


The Dustech Referral Program (the “Referral Program” or the “Program”) is offered by Dustech LLC (“Dustech”) and provides the opportunity to refer your friends, colleagues, and associates to Dustech and receive compensation. You do not have to be a Dustech customer to participate in the Referral Program.

By signing up for the Referral Program and making a referral, you are agreeing to be bound by these Rules. Any violation of these Rules will not only prevent you from participating in any Dustech referral program (now or in the future), but could also result in the forfeiture or retraction of money earned through the program and even the deactivation of your account.


An “Eligible Referrer” is an individual who is at least 18 years old or a business that submits an “Eligible New Customer.” This program is void where such referral programs are prohibited. Employees of Dustech are not eligible to enter.


An “Eligible New Customer” is an individual or business that is (a) not currently in the sales funnels and has not placed an order with Dustech in the past twelve (12) months; (b) buys at least one 275-gallon tote within six (6) months after the Eligible Referrer submits a referral.


Registration for the Referral Program can be made via the Dustech Referral form ( To be eligible for compensation, an Eligible Referrer must identify Eligible New Customers directly to Dustech by submitting them via the referral form provided by Dustech ( or via email to the assigned Dustech representative who sent the Referral Program welcome email. There is no limit to how many eligible referrals an Eligible Referrer can make per calendar year.

Eligible Referrers must share news about the Referral Program in a way that is appropriate and customary for communications with friends and business associations. The Eligible Referrer must be the actual sender of any emails and must comply with applicable law. Sending bulk email messages is prohibited. Dustech reserves the right to revoke any rewards or other disqualify any Eligible Referrer in the event of violation of these terms.

Eligible Referrers must get permission from Eligible New Customers to submit a referral on their behalf. Eligible New Customers should be informed that Dustech may contact them by phone.

Lead details will be checked by Dustech to ensure that the information provided is accurate and to exclude ineligible referrals. Dustech will endeavor to notify Program members about the status of their referrals within a reasonable timeframe. All decisions of Dustech, including (not limited to) referral eligibility and referral approval, are at its sole discretion and are final.

Referrals are considered active for six (6) months and will expire after such time. If a prospective Dustech customer has not paid for at least one 275-gallon tote within six (6) months after the Eligible Referrer submits a referral, said referral shall expire and the Eligible Referrer shall not be entitled to compensation if the prospective Dustech customer subsequently makes a purchase. Should an Eligible New Customer be referred by more than one Eligible Referrer, only the original Eligible Referrer validated by Dustech shall be entitled to receive the reward.


The reward is a single payment of:

  • $250 if the Eligible New Customer places a first order of at least one 275-gallon tote or greater but less than one truckload.
  • $1,000 if the Eligible New Customer places a first order of one truckload or greater.

For example, if the Eligible New Customer places a first order of two totes, the Eligible Referrer will earn $250. Similarly, if the Eligible New Customer places a first order of two truckloads, the Eligible Referrer will earn $1,000.

Dustech will award its Eligible Referrers with a check. Checks will be paid out within four (4) weeks after Dustech has received payment from the referred Eligible New Customers for the tote or truckload of product.

A completed W-9 form (US Residents) or W-8Ben form (Non-US Residents) may be required prior to issuance of award if your total amount for the calendar year reaches $600. The W-9/W-8Ben form must match the name of the person or company receiving the award. If a valid W-9/W-8Ben form has not been received and approved within sixty (60) days of notification that a completed W-9/W-8Ben tax form is required, the Reward will be forfeited.


Dustech reserves the right to amend, adjust, change, or discontinue any and all terms of this program at its sole discretion without prior notice. Dustech retains sole authority to interpret all aspects of the referral program including, but not limited to, criteria, eligibility, amount, and whether payments will be made.

Last Updated: 12 June 2020