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Road Dust Control Products

Ground Control is our line of road dust suppression products. These dust control products are for use on dirt roads, gravel roads, and other unpaved surfaces.

Chlorides and Lignosulfonates

Frequently Used Road Dust Control Products

Ground Control CC

Liquid calcium chloride product containing calcium chloride, water, and a non-toxic additive.

Ground Control MC

Magnesium chloride product containing mag chloride, water, and a non-toxic additive.

Ground Control AL, ML & SL

Different types of lignin sulfonate. OMRI-listed options available

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Contact us to talk about dust control options for use on:

  • Unpaved surfaces
  • New road construction
  • Gravel roads
  • Haul roads

We can also work with you to develop a custom formulation. Minimum quantities apply.

Order Volume

We sell by the tote or in bulk.

Road Dust Control Benefits

Unpaved roads generate road dust. This can contribute to health, safety, and road functionality issues. Below are benefits of using our road dust control products. Click here for more tips about how to control dust on gravel and dirt roads.

  • Reduced Health Issues – Breathing in small dust particles can contribute to serious medical issues, so dust control is an important step towards maintaining health and safety. Our products reduce the release of small airborne particles.
  • Healthy Crops and Vegetation – Dust is a serious environmental issue. It can affect photosynthesis, respiration, and other critical functions necessary to sustain healthy plant life. It is also a serious business issue for industries such as agriculture. Crops not damaged by dust are more likely to thrive. Dusty farm roads might contribute to low crop yields.
  • Better Driving Visibility – Dust suppression products reduce the amount of dust kicked up from traffic and high winds. If left uncontrolled, dust will limit driving visibility.