Stockpile Dust Control

Day-to-day operations in the mining and mineral industries can generate a large amount of fugitive dust. One part of the handling process that generates dust is stockpiling. Here are some reasons why stockpiles generate dust:

  • Previously generated fines are released when stacking
  • Materials break on the pile, which releases fines
  • Wind erosion contributes to dust emissions
  • Materials in storage piles are moved

Longer-Lasting Dust Control

Water is commonly used to reduce dust on stockpiles, among other dust control measures. However, there are limits to using water alone:

  • Some locations have limited access to water.
  • Water is not a viable dust control option for some materials.
  • Water usually requires frequent re-application, especially in hot, dry climates.

Chemical dust suppressants can serve as a longer-lasting solution to dust control challenges.

Our product Ground Control PolyBlend is our preferred product for stockpile dust control control. It is a non-toxic polymer emulsion that customers dilute before use based on the level of dust control required. It reduces dust on stockpiles as well as unpaved roadways, such as haul roads.