Stockpile Dust Control

Day-to-day operations in the mining and mineral industries can generate a large amount of fugitive dust. One part of the handling process that generates dust is stockpiling. Here are some reasons why stockpiles generate dust:

  • Previously generated fines are released when stacking
  • Materials break on the pile, which releases fines
  • Wind erosion contributes to dust emissions
  • Materials in storage piles are moved

Long-Lasting Dust Control

Water is a commonly used dust control material in many industries, but there are limits to it. First, some locations have limited access to water. Second, it’s not a viable dust control option for some materials. Third, water usually requires frequent re-application. In locations that are very hot and dry, water can evaporate not long after it is applied.

Chemical dust suppressants function as a longer-lasting solution to dust control problems. Dustech offers a large portfolio of dust control products that have been tailored to work on a wide variety of materials, within a wide range of environmental and business objectives. We help companies in the bulk material handling industry narrow in on the best product and application strategy for each customer’s particular set of needs.

Our products that work on stockpiles are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and can offer medium-to-long lasting dust control, depending on the product and application. Reach out to start a conversation with us. We would love to earn your business.