Dust Control in Quarries & Mines

Quarrying generates large amounts of mineral dust that can be hazardous to people and natural resources. At Dustech, we develop non-toxic, liquid dust suppression blends that dramatically prevent and reduce dust during mining operations.

We start the process by learning about your quarrying operations. We consider your materials, equipment, business goals, and other variables to determine the best dust control products for your needs. Qualifying customers get free lab testing to confirm the best product and application rate for their operations.

Stop Aggregate Dust

We have dust suppressant blends designed to minimize dust produced when processing natural aggregates. Click below to learn more.

Benefits of Dustech Dust Control in Quarries

We specialize in preventing and reducing dust at limestone quarries, but our products can work on a wide range of construction aggregate materials.

Here are the benefits of working with us:

  • Improve worker health and safety. Dust is a major health and safety issue at quarries. These dusty work sites need a comprehensive dust control plan – often including the use of dust suppressants – to help protect workers.
  • Prevent dust from becoming airborne. Dust can be difficult to manage after it has become airborne. Our dust suppressants prevent dust emissions, which proactively improves air quality.
  • Get better dust control performance than water treatments. Water treatments may not be ideal at quarry sites due to freezing outdoor temperatures, limited dust control effectiveness, water conservation efforts, high operational costs, erosion, and other factors. 
  • Reduce your costs. Sometimes mining operations use several dust control methods at the same time without knowing how well each method is working. This knowledge gap can contribute to high operational costs and might cause inconsistent dust control effectiveness. We work with you to determine the best dust suppressant and application strategy for your mining operation, and quantify the efficiency of our products using lab data.
  • Save marine life. Products treated with petroleum-based materials can be carried by ground water to waterways, which can kill marine life. Dustech’s products are non-petroleum, so you get the performance benefits of chemical dust suppression without the negative environmental impact of petroleum.