Fertilizer Dust Control

Dust Suppressants for Fertilizer & Crop Nutrients

More than ever, farmers need to get the most out of their crops. As the world’s population grows, the demand for food production expands while productive agricultural land becomes scarcer. Chemical fertilizers help make it possible to meet the challenges of growth. However, producing these fertilizers comes with its own set of challenges – including fertilizer dust control.

Fertilizer Dust

Dry fertilizers generate a lot of dust, so reducing dust emissions is critical in environments like fertilizer manufacturing plants. Inhaling fertilizer dust can contribute to serious respiratory and immune system problems. Additionally, dust can negatively impact eyes and skin. It also contributes to air pollution.

Dust can also compromise productivity and output. Fertilizer plants and distribution centers can experience dust-related challenges like limited visibility and equipment failure.

Eco-Friendly Dust Control

Applying dust suppressants prevent dust from becoming airborne and can dramatically reduce fertilizer dust emissions. Dustech has specialized in fertilizer dust control for over a decade. We develop non-petroleum dust suppression formulations using environmentally friendly materials.

Learn more about our product lines here: Dust Suppressants.

Recommended Uses

Here are some products that our dust suppressants work on:

  • Phosphate, potash, and nitrogen-based fertilizers
  • Fertilizers with sources of secondary nutrients such as gypsum and limestone
  • Micronutrient fertilizers
  • Organic fertilizers
  • Soil amendments
  • Biosolids

Feel free to reach out to learn more details about how our products can work at your facility.

Benefits of Working with Dustech

  • Non-Petroleum Products – We believe that customers should have eco-friendly dust control product options, so we’re proud to create formulations that do not use petroleum. We have a diverse product portfolio that continues to expand, including a line of OMRI listed products approved for organic farming.
  • Signature Blends – We can produce custom blends tailored to your exact specifications. Minimize volumes apply. Reach out to learn more.
  • Expert Guidance – We ensure that our customers are set up to succeed with the best product and application for their needs.
  • Product Testing – We use data from our in-house lab and third-party testing to determine the best Dustech dust suppressant for your product. Our in-house dust control test is more accurate than comparable tests done by our competitors. This testing service is free for qualifying customers.
  • Excellent Customer Service – We strive to build long-lasting customer relationships where we work closely with each company to help them reach their dust control goals.

Reach out if you have questions or would like to request a quote.