Dust Suppression for Feed Mills and Grain Handling Facilities

Airborne dust can be a dangerous and expensive problem for feed mills, grain handling facilities, and grain elevators. Dustech works with you to proactively reduce dust, to minimize dust-related issues. We recommend effective products and application methods, for maximum dust reduction.

Feed and Grain Dust Problems

Below are common challenges that feed mills, grain handling facilities, and grain elevators face if dust is not controlled.

  • Dust Explosions: Feed and grain facilities can experience dust explosions because dust, oxygen, and  potential ignition sources in confined spaces may create a combustible environment.
  • Frequent Equipment Maintenance: Dusty mill environments can contribute to equipment failure and the need for frequent maintenance, which can be expensive.
  • Lost Time and Manpower: It can take considerable time and manpower to remove large quantities of dust, which increases costs.
  • Air Pollution, Health Issues & Potential Fines: Feed and grain generated dust contributes to air pollution and can compromise worker health, and may result in fines. OSHA considers dust from oat, wheat, and barley grains nuisance dust because it can cause respiratory issues, so it must be kept below acceptable exposure levels.

Why Dustech

Experience & Expertise

Many factors must be considered when determining the best dust suppressant for feed and grain facilities. Dust conditions and recommended treatments can be impacted by the type of grain, type of handling, time of year, and the presence of any dust collection systems at the facility.

Our dust control experts work with you to determine the best product based on the materials you’re handling, equipment in the facility, and other available resources.

We also assess application systems and provide system recommendations for optimal product performance. This assessment is important because feed and grain dust suppressants work best when used with application systems that are installed correctly and calibrated regularly.

Eco-Friendly Products

Dustech offers eco-friendly products that reduce suspended feed and grain dust. Our products include food-grade, proprietary blends that are approved for use in commodity grains.

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