Construction Aggregates Dust Control

Construction aggregates, called aggregates for short, are particulate materials used in construction and manufacturing. They include materials like:

  • Crushed stone
  • Gravel
  • Sand
  • Recycled concrete

Construction aggregates dust control is important for minimizing the dust produced when mining, processing and handling aggregates at quarries and other locations.

Aggregate dust can contribute to atmospheric pollution, cause respiration diseases, harm plant and aquatic life, and have other negative impacts. Excessive dust can also make aggregates harder to sell, ship, and use.

Aggregates Dust Suppression

Dustech has non-petroleum dust suppressants specifically tailored to reduce construction aggregates dust. Our products coat aggregates to prevent dust from becoming airborne during activities like aggregate loading and unloading, and stockpiles. We also have unpaved road dust control products that work on haul roads.

Learn more about our dust suppression products here. All products are available in totes and bulk.

Types of Aggregates

Dustech dust suppressants minimize dust from processing to handling. Our dust suppressants work on a wide range of materials including:

Crushed Stone

Crushed stone includes these commonly used materials:

  • Crushed Limestone – Durable, lightweight aggregate that has a wide range of applications
  • Crushed Granite – Durable construction material used in asphalt and concrete
  • Traprock – Dense, dark-colored basalt aggregate that can be used as a concrete aggregate, road base, and more


This coarse aggregate is used in many construction and landscaping projects, including concrete mixtures.


This aggregate is commonly used to provide stability and bulk to other materials like concrete, asphalt, and cement. It can also be used as a base layer.

Recycled Concrete

This aggregate is produced by crushing, processing, and screening concrete reclaimed from demolition sites. It’s often used as a road base and in new concrete mixes.

Personalized Guidance

With Dustech, you can expect transparent and candid product recommendations. Our goal is to form long-term business relationships based on trust and open communication. We want to help you succeed, which helps us succeed.

With this ethos in mind, we start most aggregates projects by making an on-site visit. This visit helps us develop a detailed understanding of your operations, pain points, and business goals. We also run product testing to confirm that our dust suppressants will work as expected on your products. We use information from the visit and the lab to make a personalized recommendation for you.

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