OMRI-Listed Dust Suppressants for Organic Crop Production

Dust control is a unique challenge for the organic industry. Common dust control strategies used by other industries are generally not approved for organic farming operations. The remaining approved options tend to require excessive water or are chemical solutions that underperform.

We created our Organix product line to fill this performance gap. These OMRI-listed products are formulations designed to prevent and reduce dust generated by day-to-day operations in the organic farming industry.

Benefits of Using Our Organix Products

OMRI-Listed – Our products are genuinely OMRI-listed. This status is important for avoiding regulation issues in the organic farming space. Contact us to learn more details.

Effective – Our dust suppressants reduce dust better than other OMRI-listed dust suppressants on the market.

Data-Backed – We use lab test data to demonstrate how well our dust suppressants will work on your products.

Experience – We have been developing OMRI-listed dust suppressants since 2016, making us one of the first companies to specialize in these products. We have well-established supply chains to facilitate on-time delivery and knowledgable staff ready to answer your questions.

Dust Control Challenges

Dustech Solutions

Underperforming products – Many customers who work in the organic industry come to us because their current dust control solution underperforms.

Effective products – We are confident that our products will help you reach your dust control goals. We’ll conduct lab tests to prove it.

Inaccurate information about organic regulations and OMRI listings – The OMRI review process and associated organic regulations can be complicated. Some products that may seem approved for organic use might not be. If you’re caught using unapproved products, you could risk your organic status.

OMRI-listed products and accurate explanations about allowed uses – Our Organix line contains only OMRI-listed products that can be verified in the official OMRI database. We explain allowed uses for our products, to help you fulfill regulatory requirements.

Excessive water – Often, water needs to be applied frequently to keep dust down. This can be time consuming and can result in excessive water use and run off. Water might not be a viable option in areas with water restrictions.

No water needed – Organix dust suppressants do not require water. Our products also prevent and reduce dust longer than water.

Information about the OMRI review process is available on the official OMRI website. You can also contact us to learn more.