Dust Suppression Products

Dust Suppression Formulations Developed by Dustech

Dustech develops eco-friendly dust suppression products using non-petroleum materials. We help businesses in a wide range of industries achieve consistent, safe, and cost-effective dust control while minimizing the negative environmental impact of day-to-day operations.

Our products are sold by the tote, truck load, and rail car. We also offer free lab testing to qualifying customers, so that you get a data-backed recommendation tailored to your needs.

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About Our Products

Here’s what we offer:

  • Environmentally Friendly Dust Suppressants

    Dustech products are safe, non-toxic, and non-petroleum based. Many qualify as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) substances.

  • Expert guidance

    We work with you to determine the best product fit for your goals. We also offer customized dust control application guidance, for improved product coverage and performance.

  • OMRI Listed products

    We have a line of OMRI listed dust suppressants allowed for use in organic crop production. This is a great option for companies with organic dust control goals.

  • Reduced Caking

    Our products are formulated without water, so they reduce product caking with the right application.

Product Lines

Below are our product lines. For product details and data sheets, please contact us


OMRI listed products allowed for use in organic crop production. Learn more here: OMRI-Listed Dust Suppression


Innovative, plant-based dust control blends created with new technologies


Eco-friendly products for binding applications, used to promote bonding of materials to reduce dust emissions


Effective, non-petroleum products developed in Dustech’s early days that still work today

Signature Blends

We can produce signature blends tailored to your specifications. Minimum volumes apply.


Available by the tote, truckload, and railcar


Our dust suppressants can work for: