About Us

At Dustech, our mission is to create the best eco-friendly dust suppressants available and to provide unmatched expertise, so that our customers reach their dust control goals. We believe that the future is green and the future begins with our customers.

Why Dustech?

Eco-Friendly Dust Suppressants

We have a diverse portfolio of proprietary blends that prevent and reduce dust. Our products minimize dust during agricultural operations – including fertilizer dust. Our products also work on biosolids, mining, and roads.

Learn about our product lines here: Dust Suppressants.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

We work with some of the top companies in their industries to help them stop dust, stay green, and meet their financial objectives. Customers report that they appreciate the level of technical detail we provide when recommending products and application methods.

Product Testing and Recommendations

We developed a testing method for evaluating how well Dustech dust suppressants will reduce dust on customers’ dry bulk products. This new dust control test is more accurate than comparable tests offered by our competitors. We analyze data from this new test along with other lab data in order to recommend the best Dustech product for your operations.

Quality Control

We have a Quality Assurance Program to ensure that our products consistently meet customers’ expectations and needs. 

Dedicated Customer Service

We’re equipped to support the needs of big brands, mid-sized companies, and small businesses. In the initial stages of working with you, we learn what success looks like for your company and develop a dust suppression plan to help you reach your goals.

Who We Work With

Dustech most often works with medium and large companies and local governments to suppress dust in and around processing and manufacturing plants. We also provide products that support commercial and residential dust control on unpaved surfaces. That said, we work with companies of varying sizes and industries if it seems like a good fit. Please contact us to learn more.