Dust Control Coatings – Uses & Benefits for Fertilizer

Fertilizer production, transport, and storage can generate a lot of dust. This dust can contribute to health and safety issues, as well as maintenance costs. Manufacturers and distributors can benefit from using fertilizer dust control coatings to prevent and reduce airborne dust.

Depending on what coating product you use, coatings that control dust emissions can do more than just control dust. Below are some of the primary uses and benefits of treating solid fertilizers with dust control coatings.

Why Use Fertilizer Dust Control Coatings?

  • Dust control Dust control coatings will reduce dust emissions. Exact dust reduction percentages will vary by product and application rate. We recommend that you test coatings on your product so that you can know exactly how the coating will work for you. (Upon request, we run product tests for our customers before making final product recommendations.)
  • Anti-caking – Some anti-dust coatings also do a good job of minimizing caking. As with dust control, performance varies based on product type and application. At Dustech, we do anti-caking tests for customers interested in this feature.
  • Fertilizer quality maintenance – Fertilizer quality can degrade from the start of production through to transport and storage. Coatings cannot improve fertilizer that has existing quality problems, however some coatings help protect the fertilizer. This protection can minimize the progression of common fertilizer quality issues, such as bad fertilizer shape and softening.
  • Better fertilizer appearance – Coatings can be used to improve fertilizer appearance, including color.
  • Eco-friendly options – Many commonly-used coatings that suppress dust use petroleum, which is not environmentally friendly and restricted in some parts of the world. However, there are eco-friendly dust suppressant product options that are as effective as they are environmentally friendly.

When applied correctly, coatings are an effective way to minimize fertilizer dust. Feel free to reach out if you have questions or want to discuss dust suppression options for your facility.