Dust Suppression

Non-petroleum products, with OMRI Listed options

Expert Guidance

Technical guidance about product selection and application

Why Dustech?

Learn about our mission and the benefits of working with Dustech.

Eco-Friendly Dust Suppression

Dustech was founded in 2006 and has specialized in environmentally-friendly dust control solutions since 2009. We help our customers meet their dust suppression goals and stay green by providing cost-effective, non-petroleum dust suppressants and customized technical guidance.

Our dust suppression products are an effective, green alternative to commonly practiced dust control methods that rely on using petroleum or large quantities of water.

What We Do

Products and Services That Support A Green Future

Eco-Friendly Dust Suppression

We develop proprietary, non-petroleum dust suppression formulations for multiple industries, including organic operations. Our products are eco-friendly, non-toxic, and many are Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS).

Lab Testing

We conduct lab tests to determine which of our dust suppression products work best for your product. This data guides our product and application recommendations. Free for qualifying customers.

Signature Products

If one of our existing products doesn’t meet your needs, we also produce signature formulations tailored to your specifications. Minimum volumes apply. Contact us to learn more about this service.

Make Customized Recommendations

No two businesses are alike, so we don’t treat you like everyone else. We take your business needs and dust control goals into consideration when making recommendations.

Reduce Your Costs

Your success is our success, so we take pride in cultivating long-term relationships with our customers. Part of how we do that is by providing strategic dust control recommendations that help you get the most for your money.

Provide Ongoing Support

If you have questions, we’re always a phone call or email away. We also reach out to customers if we develop a new product that seems like it could be a good fit for your operations.

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